Quality policy

Quality Policy

Pursuit of Excellence, Value Creation, Win-win

Pursuit of Excellence:
Continuously pursue excellent design, product, professional, service, management, and communication quality.
Pursue excellence in design quality through PDCA, training, knowledge management, record management, and communication.
To pursue more excellent product quality through PDCA management and verification.
To pursue more excellent professional ability through challenge and learning.
To pursue more excellent service quality through various forms of PDCA and communication.
To pursue more excellent quality through various forms of communication, such as documentation and other scientific practices.
Reduce risk to achieve excellence through communication management and evaluation.

Value creation:
Create value, innovate value, define value, share value, and deliver value through communication, division of labor, and cooperation.
Create value through self-challenge and innovation.

Coordinate within the organization, upstream and downstream, stakeholders, and customers to achieve a win-win partnership.