After several years of promoting and devoting to receive international quality certification, ACT Scientific Co., Ltd had been certified by the following policies:

ISO 9001 Certificated by ISO 9001 Quality Management since 2005.

For Quality Management, ACT Scientific Co., Ltd follows "Total Quality, Customer Satisfaction" in order to provide the best possible quality to customers.

Execute clean production, contamination prevention, and continual improvement.
Observe environmental, health, and safety regulations, and other related requirements.
Encourage suppliers to perform environmental protection, health, and safety programs.
Control safety and health risks.
Volunteer to monitor, control and reduce greenhouse gases, and to continually save energy and resources.
Achieve no environmentally prohibited substance in the product, and achieve recovery, reuse, and recycling ratio.
Deliver the responsibilities of environment, health, and safety to all personnel in the company.

In the future, ACT Scientific Co., Ltd continue to follow existing rules and regulations and to be certified by different international rules and regulations. In the meantime, ACT Scientific Co., Ltd insists to achieve the best possible quality and specification, in order to ensure that businesses succeed.